Aims for EN1 (pre- & post)

My expected learning goals of EN1 have been divided into personal and professional (academic) goals. I hope that by the end of this module, I will be…

Personal goals:

  • Improving my English language
  • Having a greater sense of “me as an English teacher”
  • Obtaining a study-relevant job
  • Testing theory from the module (e.g., during the internship)

Professional goals:

  • Becoming familiar with functional grammar; participants, processes and circumstances
  • Receiving a better know-how about analysis of students’ texts


Retro-perspective on Learning Goals (Added: 28.05.2017)

I have reached the professional goals more or less, yet regarding my personal goals I have realised, that I have many more sub-goals linked to both gaining a greater sense of me as en English teacher and improving my English language e.g., I need to gain a better grammatical understanding (the name of word groups, sub-clauses, etc.) of the English language, in order to conduct thorough interlanguage analyses and to teach (in general). To meet this need, I created the Cheat Sheet #1 as one of my reflections. Otherwise, I felt like I should have attended more English classes to completely reach my professional goals, but as far as personal goals, I feel like I succeeded.