Annual Plan


Week Title What Why How
33-36 Generation Youtube An introduction module-plan to working with the classroom as a workspace for entrepreneurial value. A critical and cultural introduction into the world of Youtube. For the student to be able to work with learning process, and having a platform for creating value and projects for their ongoing work process in the class throughout the years. Creating videos, podcasts etc. And uploading them for others to see. Task-force establishment
Ideation exercises
Creating a public profile
Intercultural reflections on youtube as a media and window for understanding the world.
Exploring Youtube as a learning platform
37-41 Tourism Letting the students work with interculturality by exploring leisure management and tourism.

They will change perspective on the subject in every class to find problems and solutions on 5 levels: “customer, company, education, worker & management”

Being able to understand and isolate problems in all sectors gives the students a possibility to develop their entrepreneurial and intercultural mindset simultaneously.

For the students to feel confident on “stage”, looking people in the eye, make them able to talk about themselves in front of people, giving them tools to sell an idea (company ideas) in a group presentation, allowing them to control a group of people and make them listen to them for 5 minutes (excursion).
They will know what it means to work as a tour guide, and work with their own personal goal
1. Tourist (Student-centred): Working with different types of tourists from learning material.

2. Company (Roleplay – Mirroring): Being in the role of creating a tourist company pointed towards one tourist profile.

3. Guide School (Scaffolding): Working with Sales and Presentation Techniques.

4. Excursion (Product): Sales meeting and excursion where the students are tour guides.

5. Board of Management (Reflection): How could we deliver better tours in the future?

All: Continue task-force and youtube channel

42                  AUTUMN BREAK                  
43-48 Sneak Peek Cross-curricular intercultural innovation media project:
The students are working with cultural awareness through an entrepreneurial approach working with identities and prejudices related to shoes- and the industry.
To combine intercultural competences with an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset – To create a natural bridge between learning and creating value. Task Forces
Multimodality – Working with documentaries, pictures, artefacts.
Interviewing and intercultural encounters
Working with product – Photobook.
+ 2-5
Monster’s Academy A creative module in which the students have to create their own monsters and actively work with storytelling to create their own narratives in a shared and collaborative storytelling environment in which their individual stories influence the products of their peers. To be able to change a mindset towards a more workshop oriented and creative take on unlocking intrinsic motivation within the students. To give the students opportunity to seek new linguistic resource to use in their own narratives. Improv Drama
Drawing and Reflection exercises
Storytelling Workshops
Classroom narratives and collaboration
Unlocking and enhancing creative freethinking patterns.
Documenting learning process and experience through taskforces.
51, 52
6, 7
Lights Out Lights Out is an adventure learning module. Two classes will work with assignments, all related to Light, which will scaffold and support the student for the “The Dark Room” game, which they will get to play twice in the last week. The students will earn points for completing their assignments, which they can later spend in The Dark Room to complete the tasks and win the game. The Dark Room is a game based in a completely dark room filled with unlit candlelights, in which the students will have to cooperate in order to solve word puzzles. There are 15 separate word puzzles that, when completed, will form a story (The Little Match Girl). This student will expand his/her vocabulary, cooperative skill and knowledge on present and past tense whilst working with the topic ‘Light’. He/she will do so through reading, writing, listening and speaking. The assignments function as scaffolding as they provide the necessary vocabulary, grammar and story knowledge the students will need to play the game.
Task Forces
8                     WINTER BREAK                    
10-15 The Hollywood Studios An EDU-LARP spanning over a longer period of time, in which the classroom is transformed into the golden era of Hollywood – The student take on different roles – Actor, camera guy, director – All in the name of satisfying the evil megalomaniac: The Producer (The Teacher) To be able to work historically, culturally and critically with Hollywood as a take on “American” culture. Working with unlocking motivation through gamification, acting and role playing as well as live recreation of media. LARP – Creating Authentic interaction between the students which focuses on meaning and creating a storyline in collaboration with their peers and the teacher.
Movie analyses
Genre Writings – manuscript, drama, and dialogue
Task Forces
16-23 Hunt a Killer The student acts as a team of detectives trying to uncover what devious murderer is behind the killings. They get new clues each week and have to work with creating a web of meaning through understanding texts and artefacts. To give the students a format in which they must take responsibility for their own learning – Trying to understand what sort of linguistic resources and strategies they need to complete their research. The teacher works as the active scaffolder – Doing his best to support and help the students Working with text analysis – Hidden meanings, semantic webs, discourse analysis, identity through text.
Collaborative teamwork – Combining their efforts into a collective knowledge of the murder.
Ongoing reflections of clues and criticality of the subject matter
Taskforces – Podcasts and videos documenting their learning experience and process
24-26 Hip Hop Culture The students will work with hip hop culture and texts throughout different minor subgenres – working with hip hop as a window for understanding “small cultures”. How Could hip hop be swapped for something else entirely. What does identity entail? To take a dominant genre and understanding underlying cultural values. Giving the students an outlet for working with cultural and human roots of phenomenons – In this case; Hip Hop. Music Listening Exercises
Documentaries and debate
Mirroring and interacting with culture. Classroom splits.
Writing exercises – Text transformations. Working with meaning and storytelling.
Task Forces – Podcast about hip hop. Interviewing genre people – Rappers, Graffiti artist, DJ’s, designers etc.

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