Goals for EN3 – Pre & Post


Expectations to intercultural competence in TEFL

My expectations are that intercultural competence is now a mix between the modern and postmodern traditions in which both aspects from the modern phase where culture is taught through the content, that being the textbooks and materials used in the classroom. But as of being in the postmodern period of teaching intercultural language now, culture is not just a geographic location or a certain person, but much more focused on the individuals learning process and with a purpose of raising cultural awareness.

Expectations with intercultural competence professionally and personally:

  • Professionally to becoming a teacher that can teach my students about culture through their language development taking into account both experiences, attitudes, emotions and so on…
  • Personally, I hope to become much more aware myself – because how else would I be able to convey that to students?



I believe I have met my expectations to a degree, as I have realised, there is no “an endpoint” within the subject of intercultural competence or cultural awareness; there is no result, but I’ve identified the duty to constantly evolve my own horizon and knowledge.