Feedback for Thomas


Feedback commented on Thomas’ entry (analysis of teaching material):


As always you have made an elaborate text in a language tone appropriate to its purpose. Firstly, I’m so happy you start the analysis from an outside-in approach by introducing the entire entry (what is the analysis of…), then the target field (Humans of New York), then the frame of the actual teaching material i.e., the common objectives, the content/structure of the teaching material. – And finally – you do not only analyse the content, intent/purpose with cultural studies eyes, but you also end your analysis with two brief suggestions as to how to make it better. All in all, an impressive analysis where your knowledge of the cultural perspectives of EFLT comes into play. I blinked twice when you wrote “inevitable intercultural competence”, mostly because I’d like for Clio Online to being able to truthfully changing their slogan into; “Guaranteed Intercultural Competence since 2018 (or whenever Thomas told us what to do”, but also because I didn’t agree, but I didn’t have to read very far, to see a well thought out argument, that I couldn’t counter.



P.S. You could start making templates/material for teacher-students, telling them how to structure an analysis. My OCD and I would highly appreciate it if everyone wrote like you do.